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Aire/Stellplatz: ANGLET Boulevard des Plages (Aquitaine)

GPS Decimal: 43.50692 N -1.53364 W

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Per night: 6 Euros collected by Police Municipale (2010) - maximum stay 48 hours (in theory..)

This is a tidy, purpose-built Aire on a hill behind the Plage des Corsaires, with marked tarmac bays surrounded by a hedge, and a golf course on one side. It's set back from the Boulevard des Plages so there's no discernable traffic noise, and it's close enough to the beach to hear (but not directly see) the waves breaking. Regular beach bus services operate between La Barre and Biarritz along the Boulevard, and a safe, well-defined bike track runs parallel to the road along the length of this stretch of coast, then beside the River Adour right into the centre of Bayonne.

There are shops in the direction of the more developed Plage d'Or, a short seafront walk away, including two bakeries. The Plage des Corsaires (see photos below) is an open well-maintained beach with public toilets, a beach shower, a snack bar, a surf school and lifeguard cover. It's a very short walk down to this beach from the Aire, and it's backed by a walkway that runs the length of the Anglet coastline. The beach profile is quite steep around the high water mark, so surfing and bodyboarding conditions are best around low tide. The beaches in the direction of Biarritz have a more level profile, which probably explains why the Anglet Surf Club is based down there.

Most of the pitches on this Aire are sloping, but nothing beyond a bit of sensible parking and the adept use of levelling chocks. In summer the Police Municipale administer the ticketing arrangements and turn up at regular intervals. They're friendly, laid back, and will usually stretch the nominal 48 hour stopover limit if the Aire isn't too full. (Like many Aquitaine Aires, the 48 hour limit is only strictly imposed if you arrive in an old graffiti-covered transit van sporting unkempt dreadlocks and baggy attire, accompanied by sundry wandering hounds). Cars are kept out of this Aire in summer, and a Police Municipale officer can often be seen at the entrance ensuring this.

Being mainly tarmac it can get pretty hot, and there's not much natural shade here. Not all of the bays are wide enough to open an awning, but some are, so choose your spot carefully if a choice exists.

The service point offers the usual disposal and topping up facilities and is sited near the entrance. Water is free. There are no electrical hookups available so solar panel users will fare best here long term. If you desperately need a hookup you should try and find a spot at the Avenue Milady Aire on the other side of Biarritz, but it's first come, first served and it gets very crowded in summer. It's also close to a busy road and under the airport's flight path, so it's not as peaceful as the Anglet Aire.


On the plus side: Calm, well-managed, and convenient for beach, Biarritz buses, bakery and bike track. Generous marked bays.

But: Sloping bays, and not much shade when it's hot.

Alternative Aires: Try nearby La Barre/Chiberta, or Biarritz Avenue Milady, but early arrival is recommended at the latter as it's a popular spot with tightly-packed bays. La Barre is the quieter of the two alternatives.


Around Biarritz & Anglet: click thumbnail for larger image

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